ADE digitalizes training in virtual reality. We co-operate with training and certification organizations.

ADE Isoveli platform enables managing, delivering and updating the virtual trainings, devices and equipment remotely. The platform enables monitoring remotely of the training sessions. 

Isoveli ensures delivering the correct virtual trainings to the trainees based on their individual usernames. The trainer can easily edit and revise the virtual trainings. Exercises from third parties can be imported. Enables analyzing, evaluating and comparing data, also skill gap analysis

ADE has a training and simulation ip portfolio of 45 different trainings for logistics, health care, warehouse work, forestry, gardening, construction, and safety training. ADE licenses these trainings based on eRequirements of the Finnish National Agency for Education to vocational institutes, education providers and corporations for simulation trainings via ADE´s Isoveli training platform. Isoveli provides the whole library of 45 simulators into use through one innovative workstation.  

Founded 2000, we are 15 education specialists, We have two locations in Finland. In addition to Finland , we have delivered training centers this year to Germany, Lithuania, Jordanian and Indonesia. We created our first virtual training simulator in 2004 and are extremely passioned about creating virtual trainings.

ADE has created over 1000 tailored animation for companies. Ade uses 3D and 360 technology in animations and interactive web contents. 

AR / Xr technology has been piloted in several projects and ADE has delivered maintenance and web AR based pricing solutions. ADE full stack team develops cutting edge configurators and other web3D solutions. 

ADE´s sister company has a medical software development status for health care projects and has developed the SurgeryVision planning tool for surgeons. 

Watson AI has been used in somatic environments which ADE has been developing for years with the Finish government. Nvidia AI is used for automatic image recognition for example cancers and fractures.  

Tomorrow's reality

partners and references

Kiwa Inspecta​

ADE, in cooperation with Kiwa Inspecta, develops certified virtual trainings. 

Omnia - Espoon seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä

ADE has carried out various virtual exercises for OMNIA in the automotive, social and health sectors. Virtual trainings cover, for example, changing the timing belt, handling and driving a truck, and home care.

Stadin osaamiskeskus​

In cooperation with the Stad Center of Expertise, ADE has carried out 20 virtual trainings, including first aid and fire drills, as well as construction and automotive drills.


An implementation was developed for the Vocational Training Foundation, or AEL, to be used in recycling centers, which includes exercises on occupational safety, warehousing logistics and car packaging. The implementation won the National Board of Education’s Innovative Training Method award.

TTS Työtehoseura​

Together with the TTS Work Efficiency Society, we implemented a virtual training environment called Simulandia, in which a total of fifteen different professional learning situations were built. Simulandia enables, for example, the transport of various vehicles and work machines, as well as the inspection of equipment and the practice of maintenance work. With the help of Simulandia, the TTS Workforce Association has made it possible to practice the profession more efficiently and safely.

“ADE is a flexible player with extensive networks. If we have any questions or comments during the cooperation, they have always responded quickly. Anyway, I described ADE’s way of being very down to earth and customer-oriented. ”

Teemu Lähde, Logistiikan kehittämispäällikkö


In collaboration with Wärtsilä and Turku University of Applied Sciences Game Lab, we implemented a virtual reality-based simulation of the engine room environment, which allows us to practice operating in the engine room cost-effectively and safely. The simulation allows simultaneous training and training without an supervisor.

“I think the collaboration has worked seamlessly. ADE is just the right size company to work with us. ”

Aleksi Kirjonen, Chief Designer

Turun AMmattikorkeakoulu

In recent years, we have implemented numerous virtual reality projects with Ade. Cooperation has taken place on many levels, from student projects to international research and development projects. It’s been great to see the company be interested in the new talent we train as IT engineers every year. There are probably more than half of our engineers who have worked for Adella.

“Virtual reality is a good example of the tremendous growth prospects in the ICT sector. I believe that innovative startups like Ade will increasingly need the expertise of the university of applied sciences not only as an educator of employees but also as an important partner in applied research. ”

Tero Reunanen, Head of Education and Research,
ICT competence area, Turku University of Applied Sciences

Tredu / International Center of Expertise for Immigrants

ADE has provided a simulation package for 15 professions for career guidance and competence assessment. ADE’s systems are in use at two sites in Tampere.

soprano OYj

In co-operation with Soprano Corporation, ADE innovates and implements digital and virtual reality-based training services for professionals in various fields. Soprano Corporation’s Helsinki training campus also has a co-founded Virtual Training Center.