Devices and


Simulators and virtual training systems use Valve Index or similar virtual glasses. The Equipment Packages supplied by ADE are easy to move and as an option are easy-to-assemble racks for lighthouses and a carrying case. The basic package computer is a desktop computer with at least 16GB of memory and a GeForce 2060 graphics card or better. The computer is shipped ready for use. It is possible to upgrade a basic package computer to a powerful laptop model.

Basic package:

  • Desktop computer, keyboard, mouse
  • Display 27”
  • VR glasses (Valve Index or similar)
  • 2 x lighthouse with wall mounting
  • 2 x VR hand controls
  • Steering wheel and pedals (Trustmaster T300)
  • 2 x ADE joystick controls
  • Surveillance camera
  • Pre-installed softwares

Available options:

  • Bridge crane controller
  • Foam extinguisher controller
  • ADE joystick controls
  • Replacing a desktop computer with a laptop
  • Telescopic racks for lighthouses
  • Carrying case for equipment
  • Bench

The overhead crane controller comprises two joysctics and selectors for different overhead crane settings. The controller is responsible for the functions of the right controller and decisively improves the usability of the exercises.

The foam extinguisher is connected to the vr glasses. The fire extinguisher includes various sensors such as pin removal and foam monitoring. The fire extinguisher can be used as needed in all extinguishing drills.

A genuine controller significantly improves the usability of fire drills



Maintenance agreement can be added to all devices. This service also includes the change of broken devices.

Isoveli platform maintenance includes security, servers, updates and trainings updates. ADE has also a help desk service.

Training services for the customer organizations:

When delivering a training center training for personnel is done vie workshops and webinars for personnel.

Company or education institute specific trainings:

ADE provides tailor-made trainings for schools and companies. We at ADE are extreamly passionate about creating new training. ADE has all the necessary standards, law regiments, certification and pedagogical expertise in our networks to carry out even the most demanding training.

The process includes:

  • Creation of management team (teachers, certification, law, pedagogy, copy, ict.)
  • Certifications 
  • Law requirements
  • Standards in used and their requirements
  • Adequate quality of education
  • Training content
  • Language versions, preferably as graphic material
  • Verification of correctness by cross measuring pedagogy, law, standards.
  • Measuring and scoring learning, as well as errors that end performance
  • Providing evidence, legal and standards requirements for the screening test
  • Screening tests