ISOveli - platform

ADE Isoveli-platform is a cloud-based SaaS service that is easily scalable. The platform includes a threedimensional interface, an LMS interface, as well as interfaces to other systems and software in the organization, multiplayer functionality, simultaneous monitoring of multiple performances, remote monitoring, and user support services.

Key features:

  • Competency pre-evaluation
  • Hands on skills training
  • Grading based on AI assessment
  • Intelligent Control Center
  • Integration into LMS systems


  • More practical hands on trainings
  • Safe environment for training
  • Ease of grading and evaluation
  • Competence identification
  • Cost savings and resourcing

Pioneering the World of Virtual Training

ADE virtual trainings ensure realistic and comprehensive next generation learning experiences. Studies show virtual training is as high-quality training method as traditional methods and up to four times faster than traditional contact teaching.

ADE virtual trainings include theoretical e-learning exercises, hands-on virtual reality exercises and proficiency tests measuring competence. Virtual trainings are managed through Isoveli platform, which is designed keeping in mind the perspective and needs of trainers.

ADE Virtual Trainings – why, what and how?

Virtual training is an assisting tool for training, and it enables exercising wherever and whenever needed. It simplifies the training processes and makes them more efficient while saving time and costs. Virtual training solves the problems of vocational contact education from the perspectives of training space, equipment, safety and narrow resources. Virtual environment is truly three-dimensional and safe which is why virtual training can be utilized in training situations in which the real-life environment is dangerous or impossible to create.

Trainees sign into the virtual training system with their individual username. In the system they are able to practice e-learning materials and hands-on VR exercises as well as to take the proficiency test.

Theoretical training is the foundation of virtual training. ADE provides training videos and interactive 360-degree learning environments for remote teaching and online trainings for independent studying. All the options follow the eRequirements of The Finnish National Agency for Education.

ADE provides VR exercises and simulators for hands-on training independently or in group. All the options follow the eRequirements of The Finnish National Agency for Education. The trainer is able to monitor the exercise by remote access whenever needed.

Competence measuring is conducted by virtual reality proficiency test, which is created following the the eRequirements of The Finnish National Agency for Education. The trainees’ performances on the proficiency test are recorded, measured and graded automatically. The trainer is able to monitor the exercise by remote access whenever needed.

Performance report consists of the data gathered through the proficiency test. Training data is stored in the support system for possible future utilization.

On the grounds of the performance report of the proficiency test, trainer or certification organization can issue diplomas or certificates for the degrees passed.

Control center is an online service for the trainers, certification agents and technical support. Control center enables monitoring all the ongoing training sessions simultaneously as well as following and guiding separate training sessions. The trainees can be identified through the control center.

Isoveli is the most important tool of the trainer. The platform enables managing, delivering and updating the virtual trainings, devices and equipment remotely.

Isoveli platform enables monitoring overall view of the training sessions. Connection between the trainer and the trainee enables the trainer to monitor remotely and to join into the environment of the VR exercise.

Isoveli platform ensures delivering the correct virtual trainings to the trainees based on their individual usernames. The trainer can easily edit and revise the virtual trainings. Furthermore, exercises from third parties can be imported to the system.

Isoveli enables analyzing, evaluating and comparing the training data of the trainees separately or together. The chosen individual or group can be compared to organization’s internal level as well as to national level, which contributes to the development of teaching and training. The platform enables synchronizing the training data into learning management systems such as Moodle.

Isoveli platform comprises of three-dimensional user interface, LMS interface, interfaces to systems and software of the organization, as well as multiplayer function and help desk.

Virtual trainings are created together with vocational schools’ teachers, companies and certification organizations. Virtual trainings are developed by following the eRequirements of The Finnish National Agency for Education. Management team’s continuous auditing and verification throughout the processes support the success of the virtual training projects. The management team comprises of special teacher and specialist of certain occupations, representatives of certain company and certification organization as well as of representative of the producer, ADE.


Creating simulation environment and accurate physics models


Copywriting the training scenarios


Creating and testing the training scenarios


Creating the grading and proficiency tests


Creating the e-learning material from the VR environment


Testing the e-learning


Testing on professionals


Final verification



3 reasons to choose ADE Virtual Trainings


Up to 40 virtual trainings ready to use. Extensive, constantly growing library of virtual trainings created together with vocational institutes. All the trainings follow the eRequirements of The Finnish National Agency for Education.


One of a kind authentic smart controls in Finland. Exercising is implemented by authentic controls such as foam extinguisher or bridge crane controls equipped with sensors that measure the performance.


Isoveli is the best tool trainers can have. Isoveli platform enables managing the virtual trainings and equipment remotely which simplifies the distribution, control and updating the exercises.